Aloha #Hawaii #Oahu #Honolulu

“while the sun yet shines, do all you can”

“Take me the long way around”

she’s whiskey in a teacup

mixed feelings. NYC

I don’t trust time. It’s now or never, there’s no in between.

Pa’lante con la libertad de Cuba

“Si tú eres Latino, saca tu bandera”

days in Sydney

If it makes your soul smile like crazy, does it matter how much it makes you cry?

Across the plains of Texas

Never have regrets, follow your heart.

broken barbie

This was just the last chapter. To a new shiny blank page.


I was told, I’m too busy running after love.

A glimpse of Canada, Toronto

Din țara siropului de arțar

it must be the white sand … of the Maldives

If one thing this job proved to me it’s that a lot of things can happen in a day.



Telescope Pictures, Ocean City/Panama City Beach/Virginia Beach, USA

Waffle House, USA

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