South America

eu ti-am spus, dar tu “nu, ca Batman, Batman!”

Jamais diga: ‘desta água não beberei’

fala português?

“A vida começa aos 40!” … so, I have time to taste the waters till then!

Iguazu Falls, “Triplo Fronteiras” of Argentina, Brasil and Paraguay

Breathtaking hot air, calming warm wind, palm trees, a reddish sky at sunset, all made it perfect just the way it was.

Rio 2

Poate-s doar eu, dar călătoritul ăsta extins te face să vezi Pământul ca pe un loc mic, mic de tot şi-ţi vine să-l iei la pas dintr-un Pol în celălalt.

Rio, ultima noapte

Why won’t you give up a job and travel the world alone and not stay in one place, save money till later, to have when you’re old.. well, for an expensive coffin? Or what for? Life’s good when you feel you’re alive not when the bank account has too many zeroes. Yes, if you’re lucky enough to have both, you’re luck enough.



Telescope Pictures, Ocean City/Panama City Beach/Virginia Beach, USA

Waffle House, USA

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