broken barbie

This was just the last chapter. To a new shiny blank page.


I was told, I’m too busy running after love.

ca acasa, in Moscova

by a child of ’91

France, Annecy, not my cup of tea

Some people always smile, but don’t let that fool you. Look into their eyes.

Bergen, Viking land, Norway

October 1, 2016 Bergen, Europa, Europe, Norway, travel tips

a day walk

Neverland. Iceland.

September 20, 2016 Europe, Iceland, Islanda, travel tips

Afterwards, my brain went on leave, then my heart got to party. Dear brain, we’re working again, please come back, my heart is in pieces …

From Abu Dhabi to the world, Reykjavik, Iceland

September 17, 2016 Europe, Islanda, Reykjavik, travel tips

just put your finger on my map!

Frozen, special edition (Into the Glacier)

September 17, 2016 Europe, Iceland, travel tips

“And perhaps against the odds, what started as a dream, rapidly became a reality, as passion, energy, enthusiasm and drive” came together!

Italian roads

… about the feeling of being the youngest and craziest there, while being taken care of and cared about. The best!

when in Rome with mom

August 1, 2016 Europa, Europe, Italy, Roma, travel tips




Telescope Pictures, Ocean City/Panama City Beach/Virginia Beach, USA

Waffle House, USA

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