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Banff & Jasper

Banff & Jasper

We’re so busy on social media, we don’t stop to admire the magic of any place, always looking for the perfect picture.

I was standing on this “pile” of ice a few months ago and all people were doing were selfies with the ice. It’a a huge white background, what’s the difference in your fourth selfie?!

Meet Glacier Athabasca.

Took a crazy huge bus to reach this spot.

More details here about the Ice Explorer. Clearly the Athabasca Glacier melt big time, they said it used to be all ice around here.

The place that scares everyone and makes them act really funny in the Columbia Icefield is the Glacier Skywalk, a see-through semicircle bridge overlooking the Sunwapta Valley.

That was the ending actually, the tour started right here, first chilly moment of the day.

My bears made it into the Canadian Rockies!! They say Alaska was better, though, can’t argue with them.

Most romantic stop of the trip and I had to enjoy it with 10 strangers, not bad, but it ruined all the magic.

The clear waters of Bow’s Lake got me hypnotized. Just look at the reflection of all mountains and trees. Amazing.

There’s a picnic spot too.

My mind was not on this beauty though. How could it when the hand I wanted to hold while crossing this bridge wasn’t here?! Nor the hands to warm me in their hug. Three layers of clothes did the trick, but you get my point.

Didn’t have time to explore Calgary so I’ll tell you about Banff, small cute mountain town. I was fascinated by the fall colors, joy for the eyes.

There’s a short and easy trail by the river, both sides of the bridge.

Either hop in the gondola or take the stairs up for this sunset. Next to a hot cocoa admire the colorful sky and the view from the top.

I felt the wind will pick me up and fly me down so I didn’t dare to go too close to the sides even.

Be sure you stop by the Banff Hotel, it’s quite impressive and in winter time full of lights. They organize lots of events as well.

Highly recommend Hi¬†Banff Alpine Centre. It’s up the hill, far from downtown’s crowd and the staff are really friendly and helpful with getting around and activities in the area. Transport from the airport is a headache, not enough options available, also just a couple of tours Jasper-Banff. Best, rent a car and enjoy the drive and the colorful sky.

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