jacaranda trees

jacaranda trees

For a while now I’ve been thinking I wanna change this board of sharing emotions, can’t seem to decide how yet. I don’t feel like talking about every step I take, though, I wanna share my pictures.

Take Sydney for a chance. Haven’t been there for over a year. Forgot how pretty it is. The walk took me about 4h, through the Royal Botanical Garden, to the Opera House, over the Harbor Bridge and back.

But first breakfast.

It will be more of a memory board.

I love their houses, but I think that’s why I find Australia a bit boring, they have the same style, more or less, everywhere. Compared to the US. Can’t say about Canada, because I’ve seen only states over there.

The sky looks like a drawing, doesn’t it?

Yep, that’s how November is around here.

Usually botanical gardens say “do not touch”, “do not step”, while this one says walk, explore and touch any plant. Plus is great for a morning or evening jog.

The spot was being used for an engagement celebration, pretty romantic.

So weather you’re on a day trip or your cruise ship just docked in the port, this walk would be a great way to enjoy the city!

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