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where it all started #panamacitybeach

where it all started #panamacitybeach

When I planned this trip, about two years ago, I didn’t even know who will be the person I’ll share it with. I only knew it will be one of the most important trips so far for me.

Kept only a day for it though. The place I’m talking about is Panama City Beach, where I first worked as a “Work&Travel” student. First place I’ve seen out of Romania, over 6 years ago, underage, still, for them.

First sunset in Florida. Still remember that day.

This experience put me on the path I’m today.

Wished we would have drove in through the wilderness during daytime so he’d see what I saw the first time I came to the US. But we reached and left at nighttime and we just dealt with lost GPS and no lights on the road. I was happy though, kinda too emotional, kinda annoying.

We caught fireworks by the beach pier, seems there was a festival ending. And lots of people all night walking by the beach, thing I remembered, but it doesn’t happen often in the US.

We did race each other on a morning jog by the beach and seen it’s beauty. The white sand could not be more perfect than this.

Wanted to book a room at the place I was making the bed, while having the housekeeping job, but it was full. The one we stayed at looks pretty much the same. The view is a summer dream.

Pier Park I forgot how it looked like. Colorful and lively. And shopping there is that good that I almost missed the sunset.

But my favorite sunset place. Still there. Still looking amazing. Lost count how many times I crossed the street barefoot and ran to the beach to forget about the world and at the same time to plan my forever while sitting there. Who cared I could hurt myself? Or that maybe is a private propriety I’m passing through?! Didn’t notice any of that at the time.



Thought I was going to pull his hand and run on that empty street next to the water, just behind the house I used to live in. The one I walked on an endless number of nights, the one ending on the tiny pier. The place I was sitting alone on the bench watching the US flag moving at the touch of the wind. Thought I’ll rest in his arms over there.

Wish he’d seen from close that house where I first lived far from everything I thought was home till then.

We should have gone and eat a waffle in the place I first felt how working for a living actually feels. And wished we went to the bar where they played my favorite country songs.

Wished we had more time. But there’s never gonna be more time. It’s what you do with the moment you’re living now, then it’s gone.

Wished I stopped worrying he won’t like it and showed him how much I love it.

I went up and down this world, yet no other place I’d settle for. By place, I mean, North Florida, or South Carolina, or Louisiana. A beach near by, a large pond with a pier, a wooden rocking chair in front of a porch of a tiny house. I’d love a holiday chalet in Alaska, too, nothing to question there! Thought we share that. Even if he dreams about the view of a 20 something floor in a New York apartment. Sometimes I dream about that too. Thought we can have it all …


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