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genuinely happy, always Florida

genuinely happy, always Florida

February 2018

Last night I was by the perfect kind of beach again. It’s been so long now since my summer paradise, that I started thinking my amazing sand was just in my mind. Now I’m even sorry I was stubborn enough to leave my camera at home and this iphone doesn’t do it justice. Wide infinite beach covered in pinkish lights by the sun in his way down. Siesta Key just left me speechless. Can’t wait to go back! Wasn’t just the beach that got me so hung up on, but we’re here to talk about places.

This week I’ve been told I’m crazy too many times. Well. I give you that, can’t be too sane to fly over the ocean twice, to spend 3 days in Florida, twice. Like a day distance?! I guess who said that, haven’t met me yet!

But let me put it this way. When you have to choose between going anywhere in the world, where you haven’t been, or the place that makes you happy just being there, go for the second.

I think I had my time with the first activity for too long now.

Growing up I wished for getting to some point I’d go somewhere and not care about the price. I’m kind of there now, but we never know what tomorrow brings. Anyhow, once I got here, I didn’t care about the expensive clothes and places I wished upon before. Can’t be happier than in my comfy outfits. Eh, this, when we’re not talking about the latino parties I’ve been going to lately. There shiny is a must!

What’s your plan for the future? Mine, is to be happy, genuinely happy. At any cost.

How incredible must it be to close your eyes to anything that makes you shy, clumsy, silly, ashamed, you name it, and then just do it. Feels pretty amazing.

Changing the subject. Finally went to Disney, Orlando. Well, wasn’t too impressed. I hate crowds. And by definition these parks are. Maybe in the morning, right after opening hours? I’d love it then. I should check that out if I’ll get the opportunity again. At least the fireworks show is so cute, I sure enjoyed it.

This breakfast in the country mood at the Cracker Barrel totally made my morning even better than it already was. Food is nice and the place is so cozy.

Let me show you a few places now.

Tampa, FL

St Pete’s, Fl

Tybee Island, Savannah‘s beach, in Georgia, is a totally family beach. Two kids actually made fun of us by saying “thanks for visiting”. But this swings though, cutest idea for the beach!

Spent a little longer time in Fort Lauderdale, I must admit, I’d live there! Take a look …

Mornings in Hallandale beach were worth the view!

Also I was dreaming long ago about rollerskating in Miami by the beach. Done and done. Explored the clubs of South Beach but they’re so touristy for me now. By the way, I went to this place finally, Wynwood, 2 blocks wide only though.

I love the empty quiet beaches where you can go have a barbecue and be by yourself. Found this in Jupiter.

Then at night it’s a good idea to stop by the ocean in a restaurant with cozy atmosphere, live music, plus good food and drinks.


I’d wish to tell you more, but they’re my moments.

… being selfish lately.

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