Frozen love #Alaska

Frozen love #Alaska

You know how we all have that one place we really want to go to (at least) once in a lifetime? Well, mine was Alaska.

P.S. Also, you wanna do it only with a very special someone.

So, here’s me, on the Chicago flight, stuck on my aisle seat. Full flight, why not?! By now I’ve watched “Marley and me” about 4 times and we’re still not there. Regarding this movie, it made me realize I had one switch “ON” and it just can’t be turn off. About that person you wanna share forever with and the dream house you want to built from scratch. Silly thoughts, right?!

Must now say a huge thank you to the United team for the great flights we had both ways! This reminded me of Iceland, the other frozen place I fell in love with.

Landing like landing, but the take off, we basically went over the glaciers! I couldn’t take my eyes of the window even when I was falling asleep by the minute.

People are afraid of this state, I guess same as Hawaii, it’s US, but will it feel like US?! Yep. It sure does. Streets, houses, restaurants, grocery stores, people, accent, you name it.

I completely adore this airbnb living room decor. The view, the pillows and look at this guy who welcomed us. Ain’t he funny?!

How you should travel Alaska. With a person you trust most. It’s gonna be a looooot of driving. 8h only from Anchorage to Fairbanks, where for miles you won’t find anything but inches of snow on the sides of the road and a stunning mountain view. And a creepy store with faded lights in the darkness. For someone who need to pee every 30 min, this was bad. Real bad.

Ok, there’s also a train that goes through the state with a scenic view. Mostly we were driving next to it on the way to Seward for a couple of hours boat tour.

Seeing marine life, couple of whales, and enjoying the warm sun up on the deck, leaving the white peaks behind, sailing in the deep blue waters, ain’t that romantic?!

Well. It’s a must to come again in summer, you know, for that Titanic moment, almost touching the icebergs! Of course, without the sinking part.

This reflection, I can say, is any photographer’s dream.

Sleeping on the right seat, cuddling with my winter coat, I was just woken up to … wait, let me find the camera first, so, woken up to the northern lights! You know how you’re all awake going from 25 degrees to -20 by opening the car door?! That’s what I just went through! But it was all worth it! I would find myself explaining these same as a child. Like a semicircle continuously moving in complete darkness. And I must say, as a not too experienced driver, asking for all the car lights to be turned off on a single lane street, so I can enjoy the northern lights was a biiit reckless.

Later that night, cozy in the warm sheets, there we were, looking through the windows, admiring the same colorful lights playing in the sky.

And the sunrise found us here! For a winter lover, this is paradise.

I have a vague childhood memory of country roads buried in white fresh snow. With the morning sun making it’s way through the pine trees. It always feels good going back to those. Specially when you live in the desert.

Breakfast. Let me tell you about the best breakfast I ever had. It happened in a late morning, we were already starving, but I was too fascinated about North Pole. This cute little town covered in snow.

Candy cane, as a street sign and light?! Really?! How adorable is that now?!

And it seems like there was an ice sculpture contest a while ago, too.

And is that Cupid, or Donner, or Vixen? Hmm, can’t see any red nose.

Santa wasn’t home though.

Stopping in a fast food square I saw a small place that said “crapes” and “breakfast”. Let’s go! Let’s go!

It’s a family owned place. So they wrap all you want in a crape, eggs and bacon was my case. It was just so good. In that far away place. I ordered desert even I knew I was full. Nutella with strawberries and bananas swimming in it.

Ok now. I have all the energy I need for the dog sled experience. Sit in the warmest arms and enjoy the view, such a demanding activity! No wander my jeans feel tighter and tighter.

It was fun though! Seeing two of the little ones playing, while the lead dog stood tall and serious.

Oooops, running out of gas. You know those creepy middle of nowhere scenes with the old kind of refueling? Been there, done that.

For a second there, I was thinking about ice skating outside, but -20? Nope, the indoor one sounds amazing!

The reindeer farm was closed for winter. Seriously?! Reindeer. Winter. I guess they’re on holiday after delivering so many Christmas presents… But the house kept the holiday spirit!

Near by, there was this half frozen river. Now that’s what I call walking on thin ice.

All that’s so beautiful must end sooner or later; and so did the trip! Fingers crossed we can make it back for at least autumn colors in Denali. And maybe less windy days?!

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