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Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Read this on a mug someday ” create the life you can’t wait to wake up to”.

At 26 I can finally say I know what that is. Far from being all the travelling I’ve been on for the past 2 years. Well, let me correct myself. This past year, since I stopped writing, was more of a time for me, being selective. By just enjoying the USA. Laugh, be like “get over it girl”, or whatever, I still loved driving up on the the coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco, exploring Alaska, re re re walking the streets of New York and my favorite, going up and down Florida, plus the extra trip to South Carolina, Charleston.

For most of you, I bet, I must add a map to this, so to clear stuff out, just put a state on top of Florida, Georgia, then on top of it, comes South Carolina. On highway is around a 9h drive from Miami, time, that will pass crazy fast in amazing company. And a really comfortable right car seat. Guilty as charged, slept half way in. But woke up at sunrise for Jacksonville’s highway. And didn’t close one eye since. Highway in Florida, it’s all about wide lines and high speed. But as soon as you cross Georgia’s line there come the green trees and slower driving. Whenever the country radio goes off(my annoying choice), there are also old home songs and long talks. And little laughs.

You know what a security guy at one of the rest areas told me on our way back from the trip on a Monday morning? “Hey, shouldn’t you be in school?” I must admit I was wearing a large hoodie with a Panama City Beach writing on it, and black sport pants. With a curly sandy hair and faded make up. Yep. I could pass for a high school girl after a long party night.

For someone with a crush on everything country, staying the night in a typical southern house started a thought in my mind that just can’t stay put. I mean, look at this! Found it on airbnb, nice guy, the owner.

Yeah, My thought. Not the time and place to talk about it. But I’ll keep you post it.

Plus, the oak street right out from your front porch. I wouldn’t mind driving in and out of here on a daily basis. And there’s more to come. It’s been years now, I wanted to visit a plantation. And not for the history about the slavery period, but for the view. Remember “The Notebook”?! Please. Who hasn’t seen it, it’s a must. It seems like they filmed most of it here. To be honest I forgot where I knew the name from, when I added it to the list, but there we were, Boone Hill Plantation. Stayed for a 30min tour of the house, from what I don’t remember much as usual.

In a corner there’s a tinny space I fell in love with. I’d definitely say “I do” here. I’m the “me and you, right here, right now kind of girl”. So this wedding setting just stole my heart and made me imagine it all. My bad. The place was taken, later that day, people were arriving for a wedding.

Look, peaceful and cute. The pond with the maybe alligators, plus frogs and the short pier just made up my fairy tale scene. That’s just me, people I know, love luxury and expensive locations.

Right before leaving I thought, why not, if I bought them, better yet wear them here next to the stables. Hello there, horsy! But I’m shy to pose, so …

ok, let’s drive in the city now for sunset! Don’t know what people here do, or either half of them are tourists, but the streets are so crowded with everyone going for diner, wearing cute outfits. I’m shy lately of photographing others, for the love of it, but it was a pretty sight.

And, ladies and gentleman, here’s the sunset over Charleston.

There’s something I love about the architecture in the area, plus the palm trees.

Early morning, neah, who am I kidding, around 10am, was breakfast time on Folly Beach. Small, simple, colorful. There, there! They have my favorite chairs. And a pier. Still a bit chilly for this time of year.

The sun wasn’t even warming my knees yet, when we were on our way to my very old summer paradise, Florida, Panama City Beach.


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