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“Take me the long way around”

“Take me the long way around”

Let’s talk about this cute corner of country magic, down here in Dallas.

I heard about it, first time I was here but I had a different idea about the place. I knew there’s a rodeo show, that I did go to now. And half of it made me sad because of the way they were trying to catch the baby bull. Strong animal, I know that much, but please, make your fun with the adult ones.

For instance, when they would get thrown around from the back of crazy big bulls.

I had my happy moment with the lights and country music up front.

In the morning you can consider the botanical garden as a cute place to visit as well. Even though, now it’s just too hot in Texas.

But first, breakfast.

Friends who know me well, also know my favorite music is country. I’m the worst with names of actors or other singers, but ask me about country ones and I’m all yours, plus the thousand of lyrics that I know. For someone who loves dancing might be a bit weird to love music that makes you wanna make love all night or cry your heart out. But there am I, with my soul’s music. You should give it a try! It’s not all dirt and boots around there.

Walking the streets of Fort Worth is just like being in a movie set with a country scene. Boots wherever you turn your head to. Then the cowboy hats can’t be missing. Some even have the belts.

Live slow country music or country rock you’ll also find ’round here while you stop for diner.

Even lots of souvenirs for the ones who never saw country stuff in their life.

I saw a few couples that made me play in my head just this one song “Strip it down” from Luke Bryan. Maybe someday I’ll have my perfect man who’d fit in all these thoughts of mine. What to do, a girl can dream.

I had those times back in Florida when I just wanted a southern gentleman, how they like to be called. To drive lost on the wide streets, then rest in the middle of nowhere with a glass of wine in the back of his truck, with some country radio on.

Reality check, my lady. At the end of the day, you know you want something else and you’re ready to go get it.


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