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Aloha #Hawaii #Oahu #Honolulu

Aloha #Hawaii #Oahu #Honolulu


Hello there!

Deci să vă spun despre Hawaii. Voi mergeați în Honolulu când vă enerva cineva în copilărie?!

Dacă am ajuns să îmi spună mama că a trecut o vreme de când nu am mai scris nimic, cred că e timpul să pun una alta pe hârtie. Din păcate, tot în engleză. Lenea e mare doamnă la mine acasă zilele astea.

So. This guy told me once he’d go for honeymoon there, why not, let me check if it’s worth it. Nope. But I might end up in Antarctica for mine, so don’t take my word for it.

And also I know someone in Oahu, Honolulu, in the Navy, Pearl Harbor.

It all makes sense now, right?!

I flew in with Hawaiian. Ground staff, both in LA and Honolulu were amazing with my staff tickets and everything. They almost got me drunk on arrival, though. We received some kind of rum punch, I didn’t expect it to be so strong or just my lack of sleep was too high?! I was impressed by their safety demo, all was done outdoors, best touristic promotion I may say! I felt I wanna come back even though I just landed. “Aloha Mahalo” was written everywhere in comic font – always found this one cute and warm.

Same as Victoria’s Secret has.

I had company all the time. This cutie was sleeping on my feet during the flight, my first time seeing a dog on board.

Welcome to Hawaii! To all the happy couples… ah, and there’s me!

Let’s find our way on the island! The airport shuttle kinda gave me a city tour.

My constant question here was, why are you part of the US my friends? I was stubbornly saying I’m not going to Bali because I don’t wanna see the people there. Newsflash. It’s only Asian in Hawaii. Thing that makes total sense if you take a look at the map.. and at their history.

And come on, any Hawaiian themed picture has Asian faces in it, wonder why?!

There are mostly Korean restaurants. Only the American fast foods make you feel like it’s US actually. Good news, they brought the amazing Korean cosmetics with them!

What else they brought? The stubbornness of not learning English, why bother when there’s double writing everywhere?!

Coffee please, Starbucks and a little wifi. It’s just in the corner, right before the main street heading to the beach. Of course I never know, should I go left, or should I go right?

Did I ever mention I love huge trees? Can’t wait to go to South Carolina!

Huge commercial center and souvenir places…

Finally, Waikiki beach. I was expecting something waw!! wide and with impressive waves. But you can fit maximum 4 rows of beach towels and then 2 will get wet 8 out of 10 times!

The sand has a perfect golden color though and the sun will change your skin tone in a heartbeat!

Everyone is surfing, it seems to be a must if you move here. I keep my ice skates as decoration back home … and yet I live in the desert, they have surf boards over here.

Should I mention I’m on holiday? One I almost canceled… Stupid, I know. Look at this pretty happy face!


One rooftop bar with amazing live music is all you need to end a great first day!

Wait what?! I almost skipped this part. There’s this viewing point, up a hill, it looks same as up on Feleacu in Cluj.

People are so much fun. This guy literally stopped about 20 people from passing just so I can get the perfect shot. Well, it’s not quite perfect, but the deed was awesome!

Me and my thing for US army housewives living on base. I got to experience a morning at the gym there. All those american faces and massive bodies. I couldn’t care less about muscles but they made me feel part of a movie set for a couple of hours.

We went hiking, Jurassic Park scenes ’round here. This equatorial forest reminded me of the Philippines. I had no clue there was a special movies set tour, but there’s something to do on my next visit. Not like there aren’t enough islands to explore. Didn’t make it up on Diamond Head either, I don’t know why I am so anti tourist activities this year. But that’s me.

Look at these houses, they should be rich, no? Living on top of the hills in Hawaii, Honolulu.

After such an exhausting day we dropped dead by Kailua beach. Families were having barbecue and enjoying the late Sunday. I heard you can see sea turtles, but they were hiding now.

In my 3rd day I was already in the spirit of Florida. I packed like crazy for the trip, just to understand by now, that a carry on would have done the trick as well. Couldn’t leave my shorts for a second, then my comfy shoes. I kinda gave up shopping, so many lovely stuff they have, but so do I, in my closet, untouched.

Of course I had to find some graffiti walls, on Cooke street if I remember right.

Every time I get to a sandy place I remember how badly I wanted to live in the north of Florida, I think I still do, no reason though … but I’m just looking for it in every place. Might be time for a trip to Panama City Beach, do a reality check, is it magical or just my time there was?

Bye pretty place, I’m gonna miss you!!

Almost left with one of this.. but where to dress up?!

Ain’t them cute?

Flying over Pacific. Done and done. Was actually afraid of the thing. Me?! Sh** happens.

Asiana Airlines is pretty cool. Just to let you know, before my mind wonders again. Plus, they have Romania’s flag on their scarf and pretty much everywhere. Someone should let them know. Like.. you know folks, you’re a Korean company?!

See ya.


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