days in Sydney

days in Sydney


I think the worst emotion we all go through so often in life, is letting go.

At first, I thought we’re letting go of things, of places, of jobs, of habits, but no, we’re actually letting go of people.

It took me forever to move on from missing high school, but little did I know just then, that I’m missing seeing my best friend everyday while walking to school, or that cute classmate I had a crush on. Now, it took me a serious amount of time to move on from my previous job, though this time I did know I miss each and everyone who made my day better or worse.

I started this journey of seeing the world because I wanted to see where it feels home to me. Can’t say I’ve seen it all, shit, I’m far from it, but I’ve seen little of everything. And you know what? I decided there’s no special place. No specific food, or habits, or geographical location took that place yet. Yes, I love my USA, but have I moved there yet? Must there be a reason for it.


Sydney. I never really slept much before this flight.

Last time I was disappointed, sad and couldn’t just find my place in my own bed. Kinda what’s going on now at 2 AM. What to do? Move things around! Done and done. Wide awake in the middle of the night, but hey, It’s 2 PM somewhere so it’s all good, we’re in the graphic.

Short late edit, I love their airport, you basically land on water, plus the sunrise, best landings ever! Then the breakfast is yammy yammy! Yes, I eat pork, pretty much this bacon from hotels! Just love it.

This city is about feeling free. The constant smell of ocean took me back and forth to this idea of freedom. We walked slowly to the Opera House as every person who gets to Sydney for the first time.

This guy made my day, the only crew I went out with. The optimism and gratitude he has for the opportunities we get through this job are contagious. You just can’t have a straight face around him. We stood for a late breakfast in Sydney’s Harbor where some parrots joined us! Seems they like sugar.

We struggled among the huge crowd of people enjoying the weekend all around the harbour. A mix of cultures, but more of Eastern ones. Maybe that’s why I like it, but don’t prefer it, comparing obviously with my US.

It’s just me here who noticed I kinda traded my skirts for pants?! And all it took was a question and now I have a full wardrobe I don’t feel like wearing. Guess who’s going for summer shopping in May!

We caught a Titanic moment. The ship was just leaving, so under the “thooooo thooo” sounds, people were waving goodbye. Sometime ago I thought about a crew ship job, but no, that thing scares me like crazy!

And here is where the sunset began. I just love it. It had me first time in Melbourne, this colors every single time are just amazing.

Walking along we ended up under Sydney’s bridge where we thought about climbing on, but come on, it’s 250 AUD. I’d rather do some other thing for that amount.

The purple sky couldn’t make me stop from taking picture after picture. The strong rain that started right after stopped us from seeing more, but I was too tired to even walk anyway.

You know?! Same same but different? That’s how the second time in Sydney was. Had my walking partner from last time, plus this one friend of mine. Went first to the same spot, but we took a different route, through the park.

So green, fresh and then the view from this side has somehow out of a movie skyline kind of scenery.

We didn’t go to the Opera though, that’s something left on the list.

I read about Darling Harbor that is really something to see. Not too much.

I mean, playful colors for sunset all along, pretty reflection of each and every building in the water, lots of restaurants and bars, but we got more excited when we walked in downtown.

In the shopping area, or at least where I was at, they have those trees from Frankfurt, same shopping square that makes it comfortable and relaxing to walk around it. Plus the buildings somehow keep the European architecture.

But before we found this graffiti. Living in this Arabic world it did change my life a little. With everything happening nowadays.

This one was a special kind of layover, full of hope and happiness.

Third time I went with the girls to the beach, Bondi beach. And now I just can’t wait for summer to enjoy this golden soft sands. And to swim in the pool under those unbelievable waves.

Hello there! From Abu Dhabi to Sydney!

We were too busy again admiring the sunset so we didn’t explore much.

There’s a long walking path there, also a wonderful neighborhood alongside.

I love their houses and the wavy streets. Up the hill, down the hill. Adorable. Not to live there though, but the design is pretty cute. And they all keep the same style, I guess, all over the country, Melbourne has the same.

One graffiti made me take my heart and put it in my hand for a while. Is it this what I came for? Sure as hell it is. I came to travel, to do my best with 24h, but then to do my “bestest” with every other second doing what I love.

I don’t know what they meant by this “perfect” here, but my life is far from it and some days ago I would have said, “So what? I simply love it. ”

Hang on, getting there.


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