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Why I truly travel alone?

Why I truly travel alone?

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Călătoresc singură pentru că atunci când dau de el, nothing else really matters. Simplu ca bună ziua.


I know I love you when we don’t talk for months, but then just one word makes all the time in between vanish.

I know I love you when I can say I am happy you’re happy with someone else. That smile and that look are precious enough to me.

I know I love you when I look for you in every new man I meet.

I know I love you when I can see myself burning out the oven just to cook your favorite lasagna. Because we all know how I don’t have a single idea about cooking.

I know I love you when all my “whys” have the same answer, that answer being “you”.

I know I love you when you make me so mad and I know I should be upset, but yet, I’m smiling and I want to hug you.

I know I love you when I’m in a foreign place and all I can seem to think about is what we would do there together.

I know I love you when out of a trip around the world and a day with you, I’d choose you instead.

I know I love you when all my travel alone stories get washed away from my mind and you take all the space in a second.

Urmează o mare schimbare în carieră, deci îmi cer mii de scuze celor care aşteaptă articolele din SUA. O să apară! Până una alta, fotografii!

I’ll do it as soon as I get back on track. Luna martie are o uriaşă încărcătură emoţională şi pur şi simplu nu mă pot concentra.

Saying goodbye turned out to be the hardest thing, even though it’s the best road I could have taken!


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